Math ~ Unit 1

  • Unit 1: Math Tools, Time, and Multiplication


     Unit 1


    In this unit, our class will:

    • Find differences using a number grid;
    • Use tools to tell time and measure length;
    • Use number lines to round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100;
    • Tell time accurately to the nearest minute;
    • Accurately calculate elapsed time;
    • Represent data on a tally chart and set up a scaled bar graph;
    • Solve equal-groups number stories and record number models;
    • Use drawings to represent and solve division number stories;
    • Use skip counting or repeated addition to solve multiplication problems;
    • Determine the length of day using strategies to find elapsed time;
    • Estimate and measure mass
    • Know all products for for facts for 1, 2, 5, and 10 automatically;
    • Add and subtract within 1, 000 fluently



    Everyday Mathematics Games:

    Throughout Unit 1, our class will play the games listed below to practice skills and developing strategic thinking.  Check your child's homework folder for information as we play these games in class! 

    • Number Grid Difference (See Student Reference Book page 251)
    • Hit the Target 
    • Spin and Round (see Student Reference Book page 258)
    • Multiplication Draw (see Student Reference Book page 248)



    Choose one of the sites below to find great activities to work on:

    •  Number Grid Practice-  Complete the different number grids from the links below

                       Grid 1            Grid 2          Grid 3          Grid 4


    •  Math 500 Race- Practice Addition/Subtraction and Multiplication/Division as you race your car around the track!  What is your fastest score??  (Press "Start Your Engine" to begin)





    • Math Fact Cafe- Practice multiplication and division facts using flashcards (scroll to the middle of the page to find the "flashcards"


    • Math Adding- Work with a friend to solve addition problems. 


    • Math Baseball- Practice your addition/subtraction skills by playing a game of baseball.



    • Rounding Practice- Click on one of the links below to practice rounding

                Rounding to the Nearest Tens #1      Rounding to Nearest Tens #2                Rounding to Nearest Hundreds






    • Soccer Math: Rounding- Earn your chance to score a goal by rounding numbers





    • Animal Legs- Multiplication is just repeated addition... check out this site!