Math ~ Unit 2


    Unit 2: Number Stories and Arrays


    In this unit, our class will: 

    • Use basic facts to solve fact extension;
    • Solve number stories using question marks for the unknown;
    • Solve multi-step number stories;
    • Solve number stories using representations;
    • Solve equal-groups number stories;
    • Solve number stories using number models and arrays;
    • Create mathematical representations to solve problems;
    • Solve division number stories;
    • Create arrays to practice division with and without remainders;
    • Use Frames-and-Arrows diagrams to solve problems;
    • Multiply and divide within 100 fluently;
    • Know all products of 1 digit numbers multiplied by 1, 2, 5, 10;
    • Add and Subtract within 1, 000 fluently




    Everyday Mathematics Games:

    Throughout Unit 2, our class will play the games listed below to practice skills and developing strategic thinking.  Check your child's homework folder for information as we play these games in class!

    • Addition Top-it (see Student Reference Book page 260-261)
    • Subtraction Top-it (see Student Reference Book page 260-261)
    • Salute! (see Student Reference Book page 255)
    • Multiplication Draw (see Student Reference Book page 248)
    • Roll to 1, 000 (see Student Reference Book page 253)
    • Array Bingo (see Student Reference Book page 232)
    • Division Arrays (see Student Reference Book page 238)



    Choose one of the sites below to find great activities to work on:

    • Math Adding- Work with a friend to solve addition problems. 


    • Math Baseball- Practice your addition/subtraction skills by playing a game of baseball.



    • Circus Fun- Practice your ability to answer number stories



    • Math 500 Race- Practice Addition/Subtraction and Multiplication/Division as you race your car around the track!  What is your fastest score??  (Press "Start Your Engine" to begin)


    • Math Fact Cafe- Practice multiplication and division facts using flashcards (scroll to the middle of the page to find the "flashcards"