Math ~ Unit 4


    Unit 4: Measurement and Geometry

    Unit 4


    In this unit, our class will:

    • Measure to the nearest 1/2 inch and 1/2 centimeter;
    • Collect measurement data and represent it on a line plot;
    • Represent triangles and quadrangles with equal side lengths and right angles;
    • Recognize and Describe similarities between quadrangles;
    • Measure side lengths of a rectangle to the nearest 1/2 inch and write number models for the perimeter;
    • Count square units to find the area of rectangles;
    • Find the area of rectangles;
    • Determine side lengths of a rectangle and write a number sentence for its area;
    • Calculate the area and perimeter of rectangles;
    • Draw at least two rectangular pens with different areas and a perimeter of 24 feet;
    • Decompose rectilinear figures into rectangles;
    • Compare masses



    Everyday Mathematics Games:

    Throughout Unit 4, our class will play the games listed below to practice skills and developing strategic thinking.  Check your child's homework folder for information as we play these games in class!

    • Name that Number (See Student Reference Book page 249)
    • What's my Polygons Rule? (See Student Reference Book page 262)
    • Multiplication Draw (See Student Reference Book page 248)
    • Shading Shapes
    • The Area and Perimeter Game (See Student Reference Book page 230)



    Choose one of the sites below to find great activities to work on:


    • Shape Surveyor- Calculate the area or perimeter of the rectangle and receive pieces of the puzzle



    • Adam Ant- Help Adam Ant find the perimeter of different shapes.






    • Planet Blaster- practice your multiplication facts and save our planet all at the same time!