Math ~ Unit 6

  • Unit 6: Operations

    Unit 6


    In this unit, our class will:

    • Use trade-first subtraction;
    • Use 2s, 5s, and 10s facts;
    • Compare facts strategies;
    • Develop automaticity with 2s, 5s, 10s, and square facts;
    • Solve number stories;
    • Multiply with larger factors;
    • Solve number sentences with parentheses;
    • Understand how grouping symbols affect the order of operations (PEMDAS;
    • Apply the order of operations (PEMDAS);
    • Write a number model for multi step problems;
    • Multiply and Divide Fluently within 100;
    • Add and subtract fluently within 1, 000;
    • Know all square products of 1 digit numbers automatically;
    • Know all products of 1 digit numbers x0, x3, x9 automatically;
    • Represent fractions using pictures and words;
    • Represent fraction equivalents and understand that they are the same size;
    • Recognize and generate simple equivalent fractions;
    • Compare fractions and justify comparison; 
    • Find the area and perimeter of a rectangle;
    • Recognize subcategories of quadrilaterals;



    Everyday Mathematics Games:

    Throughout Unit 6, our class will play the games listed below to practice skills and developing strategic thinking.  Check your child's homework folder for information as we play these games in class!

    • Fraction Memory(See Student Reference Book page 243)
    • Multiplication Draw (See Student Reference Book page 248)
    • Salute! (see Student Reference Book page 255)
    • Baseball Multiplication (see Student Reference Book page 234)
    • Beat the Calculator (see Student Reference Book page 237) <3 Mrs. Whetstone's FAVORITE <3
    • Multiplication Top-It (see Student Reference Book page 260)
    • Name that Number (see Student Reference Book page 249)
    • What's My Polygon Rule? (see student reference Book page 262)


    Choose one of the sites below to find great activities to work on:


    • Division MATHO- Practice your division facts using this interactive site!




    • Math Fact Cafe- Practice multiplication and division facts using flashcards (scroll to the middle of the page to find the "flashcards"





    • Operation Order- Help Tortisaurus build his stone pyramid by arranging number in the correct order to complete a number sentence


    • High-Stakes Heist- Practice solving number sentences using order of operations (PEMDAS)