Math ~ Unit 8

  • 8: Multiplication and Division

    Unit 8


    In this unit, our class will:

    • Measure line segments to the nearest 1/4 inch;
    • Identify basic multiplication and division facts to solve extended facts;
    • Find factor pairs;
    • Use drawings of arrays, words, or numbers to model number stories;
    • Identify products of basic facts;
    • Model sharing situations with $10 and $1 bills;
    • Identify polygons that form the faces of prisms;
    • Compare fractions;
    • Generate equivalent fractions;
    • Explore the areas of rectangles;
    • Multiply and Divide within 100 fluently



    Everyday Mathematics Games:

    Throughout Unit 8, our class will play the games listed below to practice skills and developing strategic thinking.  Check your child's homework folder for information as we play these games in class!

    • Roll to 1, 000 with Multiplication (see Student Reference Book page 253)
    • Array BINGO (see Student Reference Book page 232)
    • Finding Factors (see Student Reference Book page 242)
    • Factor BINGO (see Student Reference Book page)
    • Beat the Calculator (see Student Reference Book page 237) <3 Mrs. Whetstone's FAVORITE <3
    • Fraction Number Line Squeeze (see Student Reference Book page 245)



    Choose one of the sites below to find great activities to work on:




    • AAAMath- Several links to practice fractions






    • Fraction Fling- Name a fractional part by popping a bubble with a sling shot



    • Math Fact Cafe- Practice multiplication and division facts using flashcards (scroll to the middle of the page to find the "flashcards"




    • Adam Ant- Help Adam Ant find the perimeter of different shapes. 



    • Shape Surveyor- Calculate the area or perimeter of the rectangle and receive pieces of the puzzle


    • Planet Blaster- practice your multiplication facts and save our planet all at the same time!