• Communicating Student Progress

    Communicating Student Progress

    Progress Reports-


    Each student will receive a progress report.

    The progress report will show your child's progress toward meeting the standards.

    Please sign the progress report and return it to school the next day.


    Progress Checks-

    At the end of every unit, students will have a progress check.  This assessment will be sent home with a cover letter explaining how your child is performing on each skill and will show his/her progress towards meeting the grade level expectations.  Please sign the cover sheet and return it to school.


    Report Cards-

    Report Cards will be sent home 4 times year and will show how your child is progressing in math class. 

    The days for report card distribution are listed below.  Please remember these dates may change depending on weather/ school cancelations.

    • First Quarter- November 15, 2019
    • Second Quarter- February 4, 2020
    • Third Quarter- April 8, 2020
    • Fourth Quarter- By mail