• Here is how to access the PSSA Reading and Math flashcards and games:

    **You do not need to sign up for anything or put any email addresses in!

    1.) Click on this link - http://quizlet.com/group/90188/

    2.)  Click on any Set you wish to study (Math Vocabulary, Suffixes, Prefixes, etc.)

    3.)  Read the term.  You can click on the picture of a speaker at the top of the flashcard to hear the word spoken.

    4.)  Click on the flashcard to see the definition of the term.  You can also click on the speaker at the top of the card to hear the definition read to you.

    5.)  Click on blue Learn square to test yourself on how well you know each term.

    6.)  Click on the blue Scatter square to play a game.

    7.)  Click on the blue Space Race square to play a game.