First Quarter Comprehension skills and strategies

  • 1st Quarter Comprehension Strategies and Skills

    Lesson 1

    Strategy:  Summarize

    • Students will use the words and pictures in the selection to tell the important points of the selection

    Skill:  Main Idea

    • Students will identify the most important idea about the topic of the selection...what the selection is all about

    Lesson 2

    Strategy: Infer/Predict

    • Students will use text and picture clues in the stories to figure out something that is not directly stated in the text

    Skill: Understanding Characters

    • Students will use pictures and text to understand how characters feel and act in a story

    Lesson 3

    Strategy: Monitor/Clarify

    • Students will stop periodically throughout reading a selection to make sure they understand what it is they are reading.  If they do not understand, they should reread the selection and look more carefully at the illustrations, complete a flow chart of the events, or continue reading the next page.

    Skill: Sequence of Events

    • Students will identify the sequence of events in a story and retell the events in order

    Lesson 4

    Strategy: Question

    • Students will record what it is that they wonder about the selection.  They should do this before, during, and after reading the selection.

    Skill: Text and Graphic Features

    • Students will identify the text and graphic features in a selection and their purpose
    • Text features are titles and labels in a text
    • Graphic features are photos or draings that stand for ideas or add details in the text

    Lesson 5

    Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate

    • Students will use the illustrations and the text to help them form opinions about the characeters, their feeling, and their actions.  They will answer quesions that begin with:  Do you think....How do you feel.... Students must be able to tell why they think or feel a specific way about an element of the story.   

    Skill: Story Structure

    • Students will identify important elements of a story; characters, setting, and the plot.
    • Characters are the people and animals in the story.
    • Setting is where AND when a story takes place.
    • The plot is the order of events in the story including the problem and how it is solved.