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    • Please check agenda and homework folder for daily assignments.



    Students are to practice reading their high frequency words for the week. These words can be found in their agendas on the page that should be signed by their parent each night.


    Parents are asked to help their child practice counting by fives every night. This practice will help make counting money an easier task for your child. Also, please practice counting by two's each night. This extra practice will make solving number problems much easier for your child.



    When having your child write at home, be sure to encourage them to write without fear of making a mistake. Please do not spell the words your child is writing. Rather encourage them to stretch the word out so they can hear each sound. Then have them think about which letters make those sounds. You'd be surprised to see how many challenging words the children can spell on their own when they follow those steps. Remind them to think about writing in order and using interesting and expensive words!