Math Practice Web Sites

  • Math Magician
    Practice basic math facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Can you answer all 20 questions in one minute?

    Sign-up for this free resource to help your child become fluent with their math facts. This is also available in a mobile app. 

    Students who are enrolled in Title I math or who have attended Family Night have memberships to this valuable program.  Students can practice numerous math skills and the program will provide an explanation for incorrect answers.  This program remains available all summer for the previous year's students.

    User names are the student's first and last name (no spaces or capitals) and a 3 digit number 
    Passwords are the same as they use for logging in computers at school : rsd_ _ _ _ _ _ (student ID #)

    ex. username:  annettechilleri716
          password:  rsd941234