Parent's Page

  • Welcome to our Parents/Caregivers page!

    It is on this page that I will do my best to keep you informed. 

    Let me begin with a list of materials I would greatly appreciate if your child could begin the school year with:

    • a notebook
    • a folder
    • a LOT of pencils 
    • a box of colored pencils (not mandatory, but useful for some math lessons)
    • erasers
    • a personal sized whiteboard (if you want to have your own; I have plenty of school-owned whiteboards


    I have these items available if you are unable to get them. Please visit these pages often to keep current with updates. You can also email me anytime with questions @ . 

    Did you know there is a Google Classroom app available through the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for other devices? It makes navigating virtual classrooms easier and faster! Download the FREE app from the App Store or Google Play from the link below.







    Mrs. Miller