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        WELCOME STUDENTS and PARENTS!             

              Mrs. Mecca, School Counselor for Grades: 7, 8, and 9 


    New for 2020-21 school year: "Naviance Student"

    What is Naviance Student? 

    Naviance is a district-wide career and college readiness tool that assists students in researching strengths and interests for postsecondary goals. Naviance Student assists with: Self-Discovery, Career Exploration, Academic High School Planning, and College Preparation. 

    Naviance Student will be introduced within the classroom, and 7th, 8th, & 9th grade students will be assigned activities to complete during class time. All assigned activities are required to be completed by the student.

    This years activities:

    October 2021 to June 2022:

    7th grade: Career Key and Career Key Reflection [Health/Phys Ed class]

    8th grade: Career Cluster Finder and Career Cluster Reflection [ELA class]

                         Game Plan Survey [Health/Phys Ed class]

                         RoadTrip Nation Video, Entrepreneurs and Reflection [History class]         

    9th grade: AchieveWorks Personality Assessment [English class]

                         Resume Activity [Exploring Computer Sci class]

                         Wilkes-Barre CTC program info/presentation and Survey [Guidance Presentation]


                         Wilkes-Barre CTC link:

                         Wilkes-Barre CTC Application link: WBACTCApplication 



    [Current 9th gr students]  Scheduling info (YOG 2024) click here⇒ Incoming 10th gr Schedule Form

    [Current 8th gr students] Scheduling info (YOG 2025) click here⇒  Incoming 9th grade Schedule Form


    COURSE INFORMATION click here⇒ RHS Course Catalog


                                                                 HONORS INFO:

                               Honors Criteria, going into 10th gr

                          Honors Criteria, going into 9th gr


    *For 8th Grade Students only (YOG:2025): University of Scranton, University of Success link:

    Fully completed applications will be accepted in Guidance until March 29, 2021

    They can be dropped off or emailed to Mrs. Mecca. 

    4/21/2021 Thank you to all 8th grade students who applied!


    PSSA's: Testing for PSSA's, Spring 2021:

                            ELA- June 1st, 2nd, & 3r; Math- June 1st & 2nd; Science (8th gr only) June 3rd & 4th


    COVID-19 Resources for students and parents: 

    Resources to help you talk to children about Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, by Center for Disease Control and Prevention:



    At parent's discretion: A brief video that you may want to share with your children, a basic perspective for them to understand the Coronavirus. Coronavirus Explained! for Kids, by Dr. Michelle Dickinson, aka "Nanogirl":       


    School Counselors...What is their role in the school?

    My role of a School Counselor is very complex, as I work with students, their parents/guardians, teachers and faculty, outside agencies, and other facilities, businesses, etc.

    Some things that I do in Guidance:

    *Work individually with students, listen to their concerns, and assist with problem solving and making good decisions.

    *Have contact with parents/guardians regarding school, personal, or family issues; grades/academic progress, etc.

    *Classroom visits for career exploration, scheduling, providing special information, etc.

    *Coordinate standardized testing such as PSSA's, Keystone Exams, Algebra Prognosis Test.

    *New student orientation.

    *Special projects and field trips such as: 9th gr visit to Wilkes-Barre CTC

    *Member of Riverside's SAP Team. Our SAP (Student Assistance Program) is an in-house process which assists student's who may be having school, home, or social difficulties to receive help for their issues/problems such as: drug or alcohol use, anger issues, severe problems with peers and/or adults, feelings of depression, anxiety, etc. A SAP referral can be made on Riverside's Counseling page, in-person, or via handwritten note which can be placed in the box located in school nurses office. 


    Contact Information:

    Mrs. Laurie A. Mecca, M.S. 

    School Counselor, Grades 7-9

    Riverside Jr. Sr. High School

    (570) 562-2121, ext. 1122