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    WELCOME STUDENTS and PARENTS!             

    Mrs. Mecca, School Counselor for Grades: 7, 8, and 9 


    Announcement: PSSA's, 2020 and Keystone Exams, Spring 2020 have been cancelled.


    Dear Students:

    During the time off from school due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), I'll be working remotely to assist students, as needed, as well as getting them ready for the next school year. With scheduling, please refer to the High School Counseling site, then click on the "Scheduling" link  (on left side) to obtain scheduling information specific to your grade. This page has a great amount of information for students to start planning for next school year. Take note of the exciting new electives that will be offered; the requirements for honors courses; and the specific scheduling information sheet for making your choices. This will help you understand the break-down of course selections, i.e. required and additional courses/electives. 

    For Parents:

    Resources to help you talk to children about Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, by Center for Disease Control and Prevention:



    At parent's discretion:

    A brief video that you may want to share with your children, a basic perspective for them to understand the Coronavirus. Coronavirus Explained! for Kids, by Dr. Michelle Dickinson, aka "Nanogirl":  





    My role of a School Counselor is very complex, as I work with students, their parents/guardians, teachers and faculty, outside agencies, and other facilities, businesses, etc.

    Some things that I do in Guidance:

    *Work individually with students, listen to their concerns, and assist with problem solving and making good decisions.

    *Have contact with parents/guardians regarding school, personal, or family issues; grades/academic progress, etc.

    *Classroom visits for career exploration, scheduling, providing special information, etc.

    *Coordinate standardized testing such as PSSA's, Keystone Exams, Algebra Prognosis Test.

    *New student orientation.

    *Special projects and field trips such as: 9th gr visit to Wilkes-Barre CTC

    *Member of Riverside's SAP Team. Our SAP (Student Assistance Program) is an in-house process which assists student's who may be having school, home, or social difficulties to receive help for their issues/problems such as: drug or alcohol use, anger issues, severe problems with peers and/or adults, feelings of depression, anxiety, etc. A SAP referral can be made on Riverside's Counseling page, in-person, or via handwritten note which can be placed in the box located in school nurses office. 


    Contact Information:

    Mrs. Laurie A. Mecca, M.S. 

    School Counselor, Grades 7-9

    Riverside Jr. Sr. High School

    (570) 562-2121, ext. 1122