Mr. Trescavage's Sophomore English Language Arts

  • Students,

    PLEASE check your Google Classroom for updates regarding activities to be completed during the district's Informal Continuity of Education Plan in response to COVID-19, which will begin on Monday, March 30th.  The top post on each Classwork page will be your daily calendar.  Also, please familiarize yourself with Google Meet, which we will be using for our class discussion sessions.



    For the ability to monitor your student's activities and information, PLEASE VISIT MY LANGUAGE ARTS HEADQUARTERS BELOW UNDER IMPORTANT LINKS.  I will post a daily schedule there for ALL parents & guardians to access.  However, as always, the main hub for ALL students is the Google Classroom site they having been using the entire school year. 

    Please note that "these activities are to reinforce and practice skills but are not mandatory for students to complete and not counted towards credit or official academic performance."  See Mr. Brennan's letter for further reference.

    There will be a daily post until that time when students return to the classroom.



    *** Mr. Trescavage's Language Arts Headquarters ***

    • Please note --> I WILL NOT be updating the Riverside SD website throughout the school year.  I will ONLY be updating my own Google Site linked above.  This site includes materials, important links, and individual classroom calendars that are accessible by parents/guadians AND students.



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