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    March & April 2020 - Please read:


    Please take a minute to sign up for my class on google classroom.  While we are home staying safe, I will post a daily assignment on my google classroom page.  Students will be able to comment and question right on the post.  I will answer all questions in a timely manner.  Below are the codes for each class.  I sent a link to each student's email.  If you got the email and joined my class that way, then you don't need the code.  Parents, feel free to join the class with the code as well.  You will then be able to see what is going on for 7th math each day.

    Period 3 - lnts2mo

    Period 4 - 43slk5h

    Period 8 - wdz3abc

    Click on the link below.  After signing in to your google account with your school password, you will see a + in the top right corner.  Click on that and type in your period's class code from above.  Please email me if you have any problems joining.




    If you are in my Tuesday, 9th period Foundations class, the class code for google classroom has been emailed to you.  If you did not get the email, the code is posted below.  Since this class only meets once a week, I will only post an assignment once a week on Tuesday.


    Period 9 Tuesdays (8th grade Foundations) -wjycojr




    My Contact Information:  email -

                                                 phone - 562-2121 ext 1185