Ms. Micciche: Biology and Human Anatomy & Physiology

  • If you would like to schedule a conference with me for November 23 to discuss your child's academics during the first quarter, please email me at  



    Please use Google Classroom to access all information this school year.  As a parent, I can invite you to our Google Classroom as well--I will need to add your e-mail address on my end first, and you will receive an invitation to join our Classroom.  By doing so, you will see notifications about upcoming assignment due dates, as well as quiz and test dates just as the students do.  My email is



    Students:  Check your school email account for the invitation to join your Google Classroom.  If I missed you, please email me.




    1. Log onto your first period class.  

    2. Click on the CLASSWORK tab.

    3. At the top of the CLASSWORK PAGE you will see a link for Google Meet/Attendance.  You must go on Google Meet from 7:51am-7:58am every day you are not physically present in class.  This is for hybrid and virtual students.  This counts for your DAILY ATTENDANCE that gets reported to the office.   

    4. If I don't see you, I must mark you absent.  Please be sure your camera is on.

    ***ALL students must go to their 1st period Google Meet link between 7:51am-7:58am on September 9,10 and 11 in order to be marked present.  



    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!


    Phone:  570-562-2121 Ext. 1151        



    Some extensions you can add to your Chromebooks for Google are listed below.  They might be helpful :)

    1.  Google calendar access for student accounts
    2.  Note Board - Sticky Notes App
    3. Dualless - when clicked it will create 2 screens so that the students can use Meet on one and take notes or be in whatever PDF, material or website you may be using.
    4. Google dictionary - puts a dictionary tab up
    5. Flashcards for Google dictionary - when student utilize dictionary for vocab it will automatically create flashcards
    6. Natural reader text to speech
    7. Read aloud:  A text to speech voice reader
    8. Read & Write for Google Chrome





     For any technical questions, email   

    For general questions or concerns, email