Ms. Barucky, Business/Computer Technology

  •  2020-2021 School Year


    I want to take a moment to welcome you back!  This school may look different but I am still here to help you succeed. Sometimes technology may give us a glitch but no worries we will get right back on track.  

    If you have any questions you can email at (see below how to access your email) or leave comments in Google Classroom.  I will be checking my email periodically throught the day. 

    Please stay safe and healthy!!! 

    How to access your school email: 

    Go to   

    Click on "High School"

    Select: “For Students”

    Select: “Email Portal”

    Google Classroom Codes for 2020-2021 School Year

    *Please note if I have you 1st period you must enroll in 2 classes.  Homeroom & 1st period. If you have me for Exploring Computer Science please check the correct days & section I have you.

    Period/Class                                                             Code

    Homeroom (Day 1, 2, 3)    Same as Per 1                 lg3slix                

    Period 1 Explore Computer Science (Day 1, 2, 3)        vqcssbm         Section 600-2


    Homeroom (Day 4, 5, 6)    Same as Per 1                o5wgu3y

    Period 1 Explore Computer Science (Day 4, 5, 6)         qlfb6nh          Section 600-1


    Period 2  Introduction to Business                               ec6z5of


    Period 3 Explore Computer Science (Day 4, 5, 6)          k7vod7t         Section 600-6


    Period 4/5 Accounting                                                 76bzlv5


    Period 7/8 Sports & Entertainment Marketing                okycxak


    Period 9   Computer Science I                                       kghirwa


    Period 10  Explore Computer Science (Day 1, 2, 3)         hvyjp6j         Section 601-01


    Period 10  Explore Computer Science (Day 4, 5, 6)          t3dfk4p         Section 600-3


    *Please note all classes are in Google Classroom   


      Click here for Google Docs Support - All Classes


    To contact me you may call the school at 562-2121, option 9, (Voice Mail Ext. 1163). If you would like to e-mail me, click on the small envelope in the top right hand corner or e-mail me at: