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  • Welcome!

    Welcome Class of 2024 and 2025.

    Google Classroom codes for the '23-'24 school year:

    1st Period American Government and Economics:  wxdfbxs

    2nd Period Psychology:  2sn3ilp

    3rd Period American Government and Economics:  aeh5io3

    4th Period American Government and Economics:  aas5vya

    6-8 Period AP Government and Politics:  wt6byy5

    10th Period Government and Politics:  wxdfbxs


    Please contact me via email at to set up an

    appointment time for Parent-Teacher Conferences.

    Google Meet: This is the link for a google meet for

    Parent-Teacher conference.


    Welcome to the Mr. Kennedy Senior Year Website.  I currently teach American Government, Economics, Psychology and AP Government.  I am always available for any student during 11th period to deal with any academic problem that may arise.  Check My Google Classroom Website periodically to follow the assignments and assessments for the classes.  Please feel free to contact me on the school phone number 570-562-2121 ex.# 1142 or email me