Welcome to Activities and Clubs

  • Art Club: Ms. Temples

    The Riverside Art Club is now open to 8th through 12th grade students. The Google Classroom code is 5p5t3gs

    Please join the Google Classroom for information and events.  ltemples@riversidesd.com  

    Audio/Visual Club: Mrs. Insalaca – ext.3314        

    The Riverside Audio/Visual Club is open to 8th through 12th grade students. 

    Band:  Ms. Reed
    - ext. 1182         jreed@riversidesd.com

    The Riverside Marching Band is comprised of students in 7th through 12th grade. Students in the marching band play various styles of music while incorporating movement. The marching band practices throughout the month of August and on Wednesdays during the school year. The Marching Band performs at all football games, pep rallies, local parades, and other events as they arise. Students must be in the Concert Band to participate in Marching Band.


    Class of 2020:
    Mrs. McManus-ext1168  smcmanus@riversidesd.com  &  Ms. O'Shea-ext1132  foshea@riversidesd.com 

    Class of 2020 is comprised of students from 12th grade. 


    Class of 2021:
    Mrs. Taylor-ext1103   staylor@riversidesd.com 

    Class of 2021 is comprised of students from 11th grade. 


    Class of 2022:
    Mr. Trescavage - ext. 1136      

    Class of 2022 is comprised of students from 10th grade. 


    Class of 2023:
    Mrs. McDermott- ext. 1189      

    Class of 2023 is comprised of students from 9th grade. 


    Chorus: Mr. Geise- ext. 1113      rgeise@riversidesd.com

    Chorus is a performance group comprised of students from 7th through 12th grade. It is a non-auditioned group open to all members of the RHS student body. We perform a Holiday Concert, carol in the local nursing homes, and a Spring Concert in May. Practices are held weekly during 10th period on Tuesdays in Mr. Geise's room, room 120 (downstairs). Students that meet attendance and performance requirements are eligible for field trips held in April (when available).

    Select Chorus is a performance group comprised of students from 7th through 12th grade. This is an auditioned chorus open to members of the RHS chorus. Members must also belong to the Chorus. We perform a Holiday Concert, carol in the local nursing homes, and a Spring Concert in May. We may also perform for other functions TBA.


    Concert Band:  Ms. Reed - ext. 1182       jreed@riversidesd.com

    The Concert Band is comprised of students in 7th through 12th grade. Concert Band meets during 10th period Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the school year. In addition to 10th period rehearsal, students are required to attend a lesson each week during the school day which is on rotating schedule.  The Concert Band performs two evening concerts each year - one in December and one in April. 


    Drama Club:  Mrs. McDermott- ext. 1189           cmcdermott@riversidesd.com

    This afterschool activity provides students with acting, dancing, singing, and musical theater opportunities through activities and experiences during the school year. The club hosts a poetry recitation competition, a spring musical, a talent show, and an improv experience.  Membership is open to any student grades 7-12.


    Future Business Leaders of America: Ms. Barucky - ext. 1163  rbarucky@riversidesd.com

    Future Business Leaders of America is the largest business student organization in the world preparing students for careers in business and business-related areas. The Riverside chapter annually attends the PICPA Accounting Career Day to give students an understanding of the Accounting world.  Students also give back to the community through an annual community service project. If students are interested in developing leadership, communication, and team skills, or simply looking for an organization to meet and network with others, then FBLA is the organization to join.  To learn more about this organization, please see Ms. Barucky, Riverside’s FBLA advisor. 

    German Club: Ms. Mahon- ext. 1149      hmahon@riversidesd.com

    German Club is open to students in grades 9-12 who are currently enrolled in/previously enrolled in German.  We have many activities every year that expose the students to the language and culture of Germany.  Activities that we have done in the past are: German pizza/movie nights, Celebration of the Season, Riverside Alive, Roba's as well as a field trip and volunteer event.

    Math Club: Mr. Pabst- ext. 1148               wpabst@riversidesd.com

    This is a group for math enthusiasts who discuss topics that aren't typically covered in courses here at the high school. We try to discuss just one topic per meeting.  Some examples of topics have included programming, coding, 24 game, compound probability, etc. Anyone can join and all are invited to give it a try.

    SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions): Mrs. Trescavage- ext. 1183    jessica.trescavage@riversidesd.com

    Originally, the mission of the SADD chapter was to help young people say "No" to drinking and driving. Today, the mission has expanded. Students have told us that positive peer pressure, role modeling, and environmental strategies can prevent other destructive decisions and set a healthier, safer course for their lives. That is why SADD has become a peer-to-peer education, prevention, and activism organization dedicated to preventing destructive decisions, particularly underage drinking, other drug use, risky and impaired driving, teen violence, and teen suicide.


    National Honor Society: Ms. McManus- ext. 1168           smcmanus@riversidesd.com

    This club is open to juniors and seniors who have demonstrated scholastic success, good character, leadership skills and have had community service experience.  They must have attained a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or better.  The National Honor Society meets regularly to discuss the service activities that are designed to take place in the school or in the community. 


    Science Club: Mrs. Solomon- ext. 1116 nsolomon@riversidesd.com

    The science club is for students who have a passion for science.  Students work on individual projects or work to become experts in various realms of science.


    Ski Club: Ms. Kimble - ext. 1118               ckimble@riversidesd.com

    The RHS Ski Club provides students with an opportunity to participate in skiing, snowboarding, airboarding and/or snow tubing at discounted rates. Students are NOT required to go on all ski trips offered. You can choose which trips you would like to attend at a discounted rate. It is a great way to take advantage of the ski resort that is literally in our backyard! Our trips take place at Montage Mountain and bus transportation is available for most trips. Discounted weekend and holiday rates are also available throughout the season. Come to the first meeting to find out what it’s all about!

    Spanish Club: Ms. Mozda- ext. 1131       amozda@riversidesd.com

    Spanish Club is open to students in grades 9-12 who are currently/ previously enrolled in Spanish.  We do many activities throughout the year that expose the students to the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world.  Some typical activities are: Spanish pizza/movie nights, Celebration of the Season, Riverside Alive, Roba's, as well as a field trip and volunteer event.

    Student Council: Mrs. Chilek- ext. 1188 dchilek@riversidesd.com

    Riverside Student Council is an organization run by students and supervised by the student council advisor.  The purpose of the RHS student council is to allow students to develop leadership within the school and community through school activities and service projects.  Student Council provides its members with an atmosphere of enthusiasm, pride and unity as students of Riverside. Student Council elected officers, and its members, promote school wide projects and community service projects, such as Spirit Week, Homecoming, and annual blood drives.  Students are required to attend scheduled meetings and participate in event planning to remain active in Student Council.  Membership is open to all students, grades 7-12.  See the school announcements for meeting dates and times, or see Mrs. Chilek for more information.  

    Valhalla Gazette – School Newspaper:  Mr. Borthwick- ext. 1138           tborthwick@riversidesd.com

    This club produces the entirely student-run newspaper.  The club members write articles, the editorial staff curates and edits, and then the publishing staff puts it together and distributes it!


    Vikings Read! Club: Mrs. Radle - ext. 1111          kradle@riversidesd.com

    Vikings Read! Book Club - open to grades 7-12. We have monthly meetings to discuss books we are reading for enjoyment. We also plan fun events such as movie nights and book trivia nights. We hold a special event where we Skype with an author and have a catered lunch. We do one or two fundraisers a year and go on one field trip.


    Vikings Reading Team: Mrs. Radle - ext. 1111  kradle@riversidesd.com

    The Riverside Reading Team is different from the book club. This team gives members the opportunity of encountering new books.  Each team of approximately ten students is faced with the task of reading 45 books, ranging from The Great Gatsby to The Scorpio Races, and competing against other schools in a competition sponsored by the Intermediate Unit. There is a separate team for 7th grade, 8th grade, and high school level.

    Yearbook Club: Ms. McGee-ext1109 smcgee@riversidesd.com & Ms. Janesko-ext1140 cjanesko@riversidesd.com

    Yearbook is an excellent opportunity for students to work together to capture the memories and events of the school year and provide their peers with a lasting memento that will bring cherished memories to life for years to come. This club is comprised of a group of very dedicated students who work diligently all year to complete the Riverside High School yearbook on time for distribution in the fall.