“Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.”– Thich Nhat HanhHello everyone!

     Hello Everyone: 

    We are in the home stretch and we can handle a few more weeks of remote learning! Please make sure you are handing in all of your work and stay engaged in your classes. You know I am here to support you and your families.  

    Please stay safe, wash yours hands, and know I am thinking about you!


           Mrs. Davis 



    Missing our Safe place    Missing our Safe and happy Classroom! 




    Joining your "classroom" on Google Classroom:   The instructions are listed below, there is a graphic to follow as well, and here is a YouTube link on how to join your "class."  

     1.  Listed below are the course codes you will need to access "our classroom."  Please be cautious of uppercase and lower case letters.  Course codes:

    EDMODO https://new.edmodo.com/home

    7th Grade:8878uq

    9th Grade: 6be2hf

    10th Grade: kw33i6

    11th Grade: xgi6dg

    12th Grade: 683asq


    For google classroom: Here is the link for that and that is just for my 8th period History Class.   


    Log into Google Classroom (your login is your Riverside login/password)

    1. Click join a class
    2. Enter the correct code for your class above
    3. Save


     I know this are hard times and this situation is a learning experience for everyone. I will like to encourage parents and guardians to support your children and to not hesitate on reaching out to me via the different modes of communications that I have stablished. I am here to support you and your kids the best I can during this difficult times. Stay healthy and safe!!!!


    Mrs. Davis 

    Special Education Teacher