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        Hello everyone. During our time out of school I will direct you to my google classroom. I will have a hyperlink below for each class. The students are asked to go to their designated class, and click on the link.

    10th Grade Health:

    1st Period -  Class Code = thnzgh2

    3rd Period -  Class Code = fmoo4yq

    4th Period -  Class Code = 3uebkq5

    8th Period -  Class Code = sezentq

    9th Period -  Class Code = ud7kzzd 

    P.E. Classess 

    Mon/Tues 10th Period - Class Code = wy6drsu

    Wed 1st Period - Class Code = f2aqdjk

    Wed 2nd Period-  Class Code = jgvv2ee

    Wed 8th Period -  Class Code = 6jkqgn2

    Wed 9th Period -  Class Code = ooa4udq

    Th/Fri 2nd Period -  Class Code = 6jh6lqt


    For all PE classes I expect the students to complete their activity log for each class. If the student has the class once a week (7th or 8th grade on Wed) then I would like one activity log to be completed per week. If I have the student twice a week I would like those studentss to complete two activity logs per week. 

    My office hours for the week will be Mon-Fri 8:30-12:00. I will be at Google Classroom, and can be reached there.


    New Elective!!
    This course is designed for the serious student-athlete. The purpose of this course is to provide students an opportunity to participate in a strength training program which includes free weights and body weight activities. Students will also design a specific weight training program which will help prepare them for competitive sports and encourage them to develop a lifetime commitment to physical fitness.
    Admittance to class must meet with the PE teacher’s approval. Must play one sport.
    For more information please email me @


    Welcome back to school! All information you need for 10th grade Health and Physical Education can be found here at my webpage. My contact information is also listed below. Have a great year!

    Welcome to Mr. Prall's Teacher Page. Here you will find information about my classes. Please be advised that all Health classes will be conducted in room 408. My contact information is listed below.

    Mr. Prall: Health and Physical Education

    562-2121, option 9, ext. 1633


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