7th Grade Health

  •     For 7th grade Health we will meet once a week.  We will begin the school year off learning about tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and prescription pills. 

       7th Grade Health will only recieve a grade twice a year. Once at the end of the 2nd quarter (also known as the 1st semester), and the second time at the end of the 4th quater (also known as the 2nd semester).

        All our work will be kept in our folders.  The class folders will be kept in the students Health room. The students will receive a grade at the end of each quarter. Their grade will be through a combination of quizes. projects, classroom participation, and homework. Each assignment will have a point total, and each semester the students can earn 100 points, and at the end of the semester whatever point total the students accumulated will be their grade.

       Students are responsible for bringing in their own folders!! If a student does not have a folder, then I can not give them a grade. They will fail the class if they never bring in a folder. If a student  is having a difficult time getting a folder then please see me privately.