My Homework

  • HEALTH -

    In Health the students should be reviewing their notes each evening.  This will help keep them up to date in class, and they will be well-prepared for any quizes or tests that may be given. Most of the teachers graded assignments can be found on this webpage, under the calendar bar on the left side. This is an easy way to see when assignments are due.  


    Any student who has been Unprepared for Physical Education should be attending Make-Up Class on Wednesday morning. Make-ups start at 7:00 am. You need to provide your own transportation. Check in with Mr. Prall when you arrive.

    Reminder: If a student is unprepared for PE, if they are thrown out of class because of their behavior, and/or attitude, they will be given a U for the class. Each U a student receives constitues in them losing 15 points from their PE grade. A student can earn back 10 points, by showing up Wednesday morning at 7am and running 25 gym laps.