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    All class information can be found on GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  AP Chemistry, Honors Physics, Honors Chemistry, & Chemistry assignments, reminders and announcements will be found on each student's GOOGLE CLASSROOM account.  Google Classroom Codes will be given in class. I can be reached by calling the school (570-562-2121) or by email


                    1.  Go to

                    2.  Click on SCHOOLS

                    3.  Click on RIVERSIDE JSHS HIGH SCHOOL

                    4.  Click on FOR STUDENTS

                    5.  Select EMAIL PORTAL 


     GOOGLE MEET:                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    Ms. Toraldo  - Honors Physics- 12th grade

                         - AP Chemistry - 12th grade

                         - Honors Chemistry & Chemistry - 11th grade

    Room 318 in the Jr/Sr High School
    Address: 310 W. Davis St., Taylor, Pa 18517