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    Assignments for 3/30- 4/3

    Hey All Business Students,

    The following links are each a different lesson. These assignments will not be graded but are a good way to stay sharp while we are out of school.

    To complete an assignment on Kahn Academy. You should first watch the tutorial videos then complete the problems. If you have trouble with the problems you can use the hint feature which will show you a step by step process to solve each problem. To access the videos or hints, click on the watch a video or get a hint link under the problem. If you would like more practice, each Kahn assignments offers more exercises. These lessons can be found by simply clicking on the links below or above your current lesson (based on your browser).You can also set up an account to keep track of your progress on Kahn (optional). If you have any questions about any assignment you can email me at

    Stay Well,

    Mr Cicale


    8th grade Math

    Pythagorean Theorem



    Rotations (play one game of finding quarks on a large map)

    Algebra 1

    Pythagorean Theorem

    Exponent Rules

    Exponent Rules Continued  webcode aea-0801 webcode aea-0802




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    First: Check for Homework assignments or upcoming tests on the calender link.

    Second: You can get extra help by going to the my book link on the left. This link will connect to your book's web site which gives extra problems and quizzes. This can be very helpful because the site will check your work, which will allow you to be sure that you are answering the questions correctly.

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