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  • Welcome to Mr. Cicale's classes! 


    I have already invited most students to my classes, however there has been some last minute changes. If you have not been invited use the codes below. Your schedule is on VISION.

    -You must be signed into your school account to join your Google Classrooms.

    1. Go to
    2. Click on the + button on the upper right hand corner.
    3. Click on "JOIN CLASS."
    4. You will be asked for your CLASS CODE.  Here are the codes for all of my Google Classrooms.


    Homeroom-  bi4eyes

    Periods 1,2-  rjxxjmx

     Honors algebra periods 4,6,7,8--  zfxy55k
    Periods 9,10 - kmujnbb



    1. Log onto your homeroom.  
    2. Click on the CLASSWORK tab.
    3. At the top of my Google Classroom Banner. You must go on Google Meet from 7:51am-7:58am every day you are not physically













     Welcome to Mr.Cicale's webpage.                  

    *Click on Algebra 1 Keystone help link on left to prepare for Keystones*   

    ** Click on the PSSA link for some resources to help you prepare for the math PSSA's 

     This page gives you many opportunities to improve yourself as a mathematician!



    First: Check for Homework assignments or upcoming tests on the calender link.

    Second: You can get extra help by going to the my book link on the left. This link will connect to your book's web site which gives extra problems and quizzes. This can be very helpful because the site will check your work, which will allow you to be sure that you are answering the questions correctly.

    Third: You can check out math web sites that will help you throughout the year by clicking on the math website link on the left

    Fourth: You can contact MR. CICALE by E-Mail at or by phone at 562-2121 ext 1112