Ms. Flannery's Class


     Welcome Back! 


    All students must JOIN their Google Classrooms.  You need to know which classes you are in and the PERIOD NUMBER.  Your schedule is on VISION.

    -You must be signed into your school account to join your Google Classrooms.

    1. Go to
    2. Click on the + button on the upper right hand corner.
    3. Click on "JOIN CLASS."

    Please see the following Google classroom codes to access your classroom for ELA.  All updates will be posted in each classroom.

    Period 2 5d7kufj  

    Period 3 hfkxznh

    Period 4/6p5nbtiz

    Period 7/8 ulc3xki

    Period 9 hh6lvn2

    Period 10 yftzzgl



     Khan Academy class code is D557YYRX.  


    USA Test Prep Log-in instructions:

    Account ID - riverside21

    Username - same username you use to log into a computer at RHS

    Password - same password you use to log into a computer at RHS



    Student instructions for email access:

    1. go to

    2. click on "Schools"

    3. select Riverside JRSR High School

    4. click on "For Students"

    5. select "email portal"





    "If you don't write well, you don't think well, and if you don't think well, someone else will do your thinking for you." --George Orwell