Physical Education

  • Starting this year you can follow along with our in class volleyball all-star tournament. You can check the progress of the tournament by clicking the following hyperlink 



    Below are the following rules and procedures for PE

    Mr. Prall's Physical Education classes will enter the boy's locker room through the back hallway.  No one is permitted to enter the locker room through the main gymnasium. 

    The proper dress code is as follows:

    Physical Education - Dress Code 



    What you CAN wear

    What you CANNOT wear


    Any color t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, polo, or crew neck sweatshirt with RIVERSIDE LOGO/SPORT/CLUB 

    If it DOESN’T have Riverside Logo/Sport/Club: 

    -Must be: Red, Navy, White, Gray, Black


    Crop Tops

    Tank Tops

    Shirts with Zippers

    (¼ Zips, Jackets) 


    Any color shorts, sweatpants, joggers, leggings, or yoga pants with RIVERSIDE LOGO/SPORT/CLUB.

    If it DOESN’T have Riverside Logo/Sport/Club: 

    -Must be: Red, Navy, White, Gray, Black

    Tear Away Pants

    Sweatpants/Shorts that are cut/torn

    Spandex/Biker Shorts

    Shorts/Pants with belt loops, cargo pockets, jean/denim material. 



    Must have a back



    Dress Shoes 

    Crocs (even in sport mode)



    All students will be receiving a numeric grade this year for Physical Education. Each quarter your son will start with 100 points. IF they are unprepared, inactive in class, or misbehave, they will be given a “U” (unsatisfactory) for that day.

     An unsatisfactory will be (-15) points. A student may earn 10 points back from a “U” by participating in Wednesday morning gym make-up classes.  Example: Student A starts with 100, receives a “U”, they lose 15 points and now have an 85. If they do not make that class up before the end of the marking period, they will receive a first quarter grade of 85. IF they do complete the make-up class, they will earn 10 points back and will receive a 95.

     PE make-up classes are held every Wednesday morning from 7:15 a.m. until 7:45 a.m. Transportation is NOT provided.


    Any questions, please call Mr. Prall at 562-2121 Option 9 Ext 633