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    AP Human Geography

    2020-2021 AP Human Geography Google Classroom code is dgzbn4a.

    If you signed up for AP Human Geography for the 2020-2021 school year, you should join the Google Classroom ASAP. Information regarding the class, which will begin in July, will be posted there.


    7th and 8th Grade Geography

    *Make sure you sign up/sign in to Google Classroom using your school account and not a personal/home account. 

    8th grade Google Classroom codes (Semester 1)

         3rd Period - Days 1 & 2: vnnwot2

         3rd Period - Days 3 & 4: zyyv3fj

         3rd Period - Days 5 & 6: 5qkpqje

         7th/8th Period - Days 1 & 2: u6mhwzm

         7th/8th Period - Days 3 & 4: vymgvqq

         7th/8th Period - Days 5 & 6: mgunqb7

    7th grade Google Classroom codes

         Homeroom Days 1 & 2 - jtwyvlu

         Homeroom Days 3 & 4 - hxocehv

         Homeroom Days 5 & 6 - 3t3gxve

         1st Period - Days 1 & 2: cxvpkdl

         1st Period - Days 3 & 4: zvwlfuy

         1st Period - Days 5 & 6: ekvtbej

         10th Period - Days 1 & 2: rzjmtgn

         10th Period - Days 3 & 4: wtmfyg3

         10th Period - Days 5 & 6: t2htb4z



    Go to
    Under SCHOOLS, click on RIVERSIDE JSHS.
    Use you computer login information to login to both.
    For example: if student name is Joe Smith class of 2023
    Username would be: smijoe23
    Email is:
    Password: Same as how you login to a computer Rsd######



    1. Log in to your Homeroom class.  
    2. Click on the CLASSWORK tab.
    3. At the top of the CLASSWORK PAGE you will see a link for Google Meet/Attendance. There is also a link on my Google Classroom Banner. You must go on Google Meet from 7:51am-7:58am every day you are not physically present in class. This is for hybrid and virtual students.  This counts for your DAILY ATTENDANCE that gets reported to the office. 

    ***ALL students must go to their Homeroom Google Meet link between 7:51am-7:58am on September 9, 10 and 11 in order to be marked present.  



    Need to contact Ms. McGee? E-mail at

    If you have any technical questions, you can e-mail

    If you have any general questions, you can e-mail

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