“ Strength does not come from winning. Our struggles develop our strengths. When we go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength. “

    Dear Students and Parents,

    I use this site only as a launching pad for my Google classrooms. Please see the link below this home page to access Google Classroom.

    On the first day of school, my students will join their appropriate classrooms where I post a daily lesson plan with assignments, the electronic versions of materials for every unit, and announcements. In the event of absences, I do expect my students to visit the lesson plan and to complete class activities and homework if they are not ill. I will post these live links before students return to school in September.

    Parents, please feel free to contact me at We can communicate by email or by phone after you reach out. Students, I am here during the day and 11th period and beyond for your needs.

    If you wish to conference via Google Meet, please send me an email or a talking points text. I will then send you a link to the Google Meet on your child's Google Classroom, or you can go directly to your student's Google Classroom, where you can access the Meet button. Once again, these will be posted before the students arrive for school in September.

    I often contact parents via the talking points app which will send a text to your phone. You can sign up for this app at the talking points app link.

    I look forward to working with all of you.




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