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    You can contact me at 562-2121 extension 1107.  You can leave a message on my voicemail and I will call you back.  I can also be reached by e-mail (this is the faster method).  My e-mail address is

    I will post important messages on this website.  You can click on "My Calender" to see important dates and deadlines. 

    Mr Fox's Schedule

    Period 1 - Civics/PA History

    Period 2 - Civics/PA History

    Period 3 - Civics/PA History

    Period 4 - Civics/PA History

    Period 5 - Lunch

    Period 6-7 

    Period 8 - Civics/PA History

    Period 9- Civics/PA History







    Mr. Fox- Civics- 8th grade
    Room 111 in the Jr/Sr High School
    570-562-2121 ext. 1107 (same for voice mail)
    Address:  310 Davis Street, Taylor, PA 18517