This is an introduction course in keyboarding.  Students will learn the home row keys, alphabetic keyboard, numeric keyboard and proper formatting of documents.  MicroType 3.0 is used in this course. 

EDU Typing - Online typing software (must have login)

Keyboarding Practice

Keyboarding Practice ALL KEYS

Keyboarding Practice - Practice drills on-line

Keyboard Treasure Treasure chest practice game

Keyboarding Webquest - Friendly Letters

Keyboarding UK

Bubbles Typing - Typing game

Keyboarding Webquest - Business Letters

Dance Mat Typing - Learn all the keys with this interactive program

Barracuda - Typing game

Soccer - Goalie typing game

Pete's Online Typing Tutorial - Learn to type program

Learn to type - Typing program, Dvorak & QWERTY keyboards, typing lessons for practice

Sense Lang - Site with typing games, typing test, typing tutorials & instruction

Ten Thumbs Free Online Test - Online typing test

Typing of Ghost - Type the words to get rid of the ghosts. 

Keyboard Drills for each lesson

Ergonomics Module (Quiz Below)

Ergonomics Video

Typing Club

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