• **** PLEASE NOTE!!  (9/14/20) Due to current conditions, the Holiday Concert is an unfortunate casualty. We will be back for the fall, bigger and stronger. As the old saying goes, and I paraphrase: That which doesn't kill us only serves to make us stronger. Well, we're going to come back like King Kong!! Please take every precaution to keep yourself and loved ones safe.


    Obviously the apparel did not working out. I will refund everyone's payment at some time in the near future. If you paid by check, it will be returned, if you paid with cash, it will be returned.



    Chorus will meet 2nd period every day as an elective class in the auditorium for grades nine through twelve. The full chorus will rehearse 11th period TBA. 

     There are no auditions required to join the chorus, you merely need to enjoy singing. Attendance is taken and members must be in good standing to go on field trips.

    Concert Info: Concert Attire for our regular concerts is Black pants/white button-down shirt and necktie for boys, and black skirt (knee-length) or pants and white blouse for girls.    

    This Year's Officers are as follows:

    President - Rebecca Colwell/Kaleigh Kelly

    Secretary -

    Treasurer -