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Test Taking Strategies

What Good Test Takers Do:

⇒ Read ALL test questions before reading the passage. This lets you know hwta you are looking for in the story.

⇒ Highlight important parts of the questions that will help you answer each question.

⇒ Read the story 2-3 times at least to gain a deeper understanding of the text.

⇒ If you do not understand a word, break it down into parts that you do know. Use context clues around the word to help you figure out its meaning.

⇒ If you do not understand part of the story, go back and reread, read ahead, or look at the illustrations to help you.

⇒ Reread ALL test questions and ALL answer choices, even if you feel 100% sure you know the answer.

⇒ Cross off two choices that you know do not make sense.

⇒ Reread the remaining choices.

⇒ Go back into the story and highlight the words, phrases, or sentences (text evidence) in the story that answers each question and choose the correct answer.

⇒ Read aloud all written answers to be sure they make sense.

⇒ Go back and double check your answers to be sure you have answered each question correctly.

⇒ REMEMBER: Taking a test is NOT a race!! Your "prize" is knowing that you have tried your hardest and have done well.