• So I know some of you are experiencing an issue with submitting the completed form and having it show up as still missing. This has been bothering me a lot because I know most of you are doing the work. I want to make sure you receive the credit you deserve. This evening I contacted Google Support and met with 2 Google Classroom trainers. The following is their recommendation. I would like everyone to follow these steps for future assignments:

    1. Complete the assignment form
    2. Click the Purple SUBMIT Button
    3. Click the CLASSWORK tab
    4. Then in the top left corner click on VIEW YOUR WORK
    5. In the box on the left click on the tab for today's assignment
    6. Click on the VIEW DETAILS tab at the bottom of the assignment
    7. If you have completed and submitted the assignment, then you click on the
    green TURN IN or MARK AS DONE tab on the right side of the page

    Hopefully your submitted assignments will not show up as "missing" even when there are responses in my spreadsheet form.


    Click the link below to watch a brief tutorial on how to submit assignments

    How to Submit Assignments