Midterm Review Page

  • Chapter 1 - All assigned problems from each section are eligble content for the Midterm (students should have their notebooks and correction/study guide sheets from each section).

      1.1 Distance formula, midpoint formula, intercepts, equation of a circle, symmetry of a graph

    pp. 14-17 #5,27,41,73,76

      1.2 Slope, pt.-slope form, slope-int. form, special cases, standard form, parallel/perpendicular lines

    pp. 28-30 #7,13,20,29-31,55

      1.3 Functions, evaluating a function, domians, table of values, (f(a+h)-f(a))/h problems

    pp. 41-44 #17,22,48-51

      1.4 Graphs, dominan/range from the graph, vertical line test, increasing/decreasing intervals, local minimum/maximum points

    pp.57-60 #1,69,77

      1.5 Transformations, vertical/horiz. shifts, shrink/stretch, reflecting, even/odd functions

    pp. 70-72 #1-4,27,34,39

      1.6 Combining functions, f+g/f-g/fg/(f/g) with domains, composition of functions (no domains), evaluating f(g(3)) for example, both algebraically and from a graph

    pp. 80-82 #1,19,23,25,31

      1.7 One-to-one functions, inverses, horizontal line test, finding f-inverse of x, using one-to-one to find f-inverse given f or to find f given f-inverse, composing f with f-inverse to show two functions sre inverses of each other

    pp. 91-94 #1,3,10,17,19,23,31,37,55

    Chapter 6 All assigned problems...as above

      6.1 Parabloas @ origin, p-value, directrix, focus, focal diameter, latus rectum

    pp. 3636-367 #7,9,27,29,37

      6.2 Ellipses @ origin, vertices, foci, lenthg of major and minor axis, eccentricity

    pp. 377-379 #5,7,19,21,29,31

      6.3 Hyperbolas @ origin, vertices, foci, transverse axis (similar to major axis for ellipses), asymptotes

    pp. 387-388 #5,11,17,27

      6.4 Shifted conics - be able to find all necessary info per the conic section type at shifted center, (h,k), be able to complete the square to find the form for any conic

    pp.396-397 #1,5,9,19,21,23


    Additional review problems for conic sections can be found in the link for conic review at the bottom of the Trigonometry home page. There are worked out solutions to all problems in the file. Students should be able to complete anything from #1 - 49 in this attachment.

    Also, there are links for domians of functions, composition of functions, and section 1.6 (which includes composition) on the trig home page.