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    ****Please check back in August for updates****

    Have a great summer!!! =)


    Welcome to Mrs. McManus' Teacher Page!  Please refer to Google Classroom for assignments related to your class.  If you have any questions, please email me at 

    I am looking forward to an exciting school year!!


    Google Classroom Instructions:

    All students must join their Google classrooms.  You need to know which classes you are in and the period number.  Your schedule is in VISION.

    You must be signed into your school account to join your Google classroom.

    1.  Go to

    2.  Click on + button on the upper right hand corner.

    3.  Click on "Join Class".

    4.  You will be asked for your class code.  Here are the class codes for all of my Google classrooms

          * Period 2 Culinary Arts:  j2hbuj4

          * Period 3 Food and Nutrition:  xnoebll

          * Period 4-5 Parenting and Child Development:  rcel76K

          * Period 7-8 8th Grade FCS Days 1-2:  vvlpcu2

          * Period 7-8 8th Grade FCS Days 3-4:  vz74afu

          * Period 7-8 8th Grade FCS Days 5-6:  mim47cf

         * Period 9 Modern Living Days 1, 2, 3:  2rKydem

         * Period 9 Modern Living Days 4, 5, 6:  2f6cwwc

         * Period 10  Parenting and Child Development:  jugdzmm




     Daily Attendance Instructions:

    1.  Log into your first period class

    2.  Click on classwork tab

    3.  At the top of the Classroom page you will see a link for Google Meet/Attendance.  You must go on Google Meet from 7:51am-7:58 am every class you are not physically present in.  This is for hybrid and virtual students.  This counts for your Daily Attendance that will be reported to the office.  

    **All students must go to their first period Google Meet link between 7:51am-7:58am on September 9, 10 and 11 in order to be marked present.



    Mrs. McManus-Family and Consumer Science--8th through 12th grades
    Room 308 (2nd and 4th quarters), Room 309 (1st and 3rd quarters)
    Junior Senior High School Building
    570-562-2121 ext 1168
    Address:  310 Davis Street, Taylor, PA  18517