Ms. Petrucci's Class


    On Wednesday, April 22nd, Riverside will begin with a mandatatory Phase.


    Please read carefully!! 

    Invites were emailed to school email. 

    Google Classroom Codes: 

    Newcomers are together Periods 1,3,6/7 and 8th      Code: mvhngri

    Grades 9th and 10th not in periods 1,3,6/7 or 8th     Code: ovoujfo

    Grades 11 and 12th not in periods 1,3,6/7 or 8th       Code: nzein67


    Please let me know if you have any questions by emailing. I am here for you!

    Miss you all!

    Ms. Petrucci



    Welcome to Ms. Petrucci's ESL Class web page. Please visit us as often as you like. I will keep you posted with classroom news and events each week throughout the school year.

    I will be teaching the English Language to students in grades 7-12. I will also support their academic language used in their classes. My goal is to increase their English Language Proficiency.

    It is highly recommended that students stay 10th period for Peer Tutoring. This is where students help one another with recommendations from their teachers. This was a success laast year and I hope for the same this school year!  

    Phone Number: 570-5622121-Extension 1125 Please note: I will not be able to answer or receive calls during school closure