• Mr. Toth - Science -New Room- Room 239




    1. Please see below for Google Classroom access codes.

    2. Use the code on my Google Site for your class period to access Google Classroom.

    3. Join the Google Classroom for your corresponding class period.

    4. Please, read all posted materials.

    5. All correspondence will continue through Google Classroom.


    Homeroom Students:

    Please check email for invitations for attendance.



    All students must JOIN their Google Classrooms.  You need to know which classes you are in and the PERIOD NUMBER.  Your schedule is on VISION.

    -You must be signed into your school account to join your Google Classrooms.

    1. Go to www.classroom.google.com
    2. Click on the + button on the upper right-hand corner.
    3. Click on "JOIN CLASS."
    4. You will be asked for your CLASS CODE.  Here are the codes for all of my Google Classrooms.


    Parent-Teacher conferences:

    1. Parents can reserve a time slot by email ttoth@riversidesd.com.

    2. Conferences will take place at the designated time in person or on Google Meet (a link for Google Meeting will be emailed when a time slot is reserved)



    Period Course Class Code (2023-2024 course codes)

    Period 2- Ecology -  ctyjx2s 

    Period 4/5- Ecology - n3xjhzx

    Period 6/8- Physical Science - q4mtaue 

    Period 9- Physical Science - gwdcubv 

    Period 10- Ecology - ocg4bhu 


    Google Classroom codes and Links will be posted when schedules are final.



    1. Log onto your first period class.  
    2. Click on the CLASSWORK tab.
    3. At the top of the CLASSWORK PAGE you will see a link for Google Meet/Attendance.  There is also a link on my Google Classroom Banner. You must go on Google Meet from 7:51am-7:58am every day you are not physically present in class.  This is for hybrid and virtual students.  This counts for your DAILY ATTENDANCE that gets reported to the office. 

    ***ALL students must go to their 1st period Google Meet link between 7:51am-7:58am on September 9,10 and 11 in order to be marked present. 



    Ecology-11/12th Grade

    Physical Science- 9th Grade



    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)