My Homework


    Homework! Homework! Homework! 


    It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of all homework.  Homework is individualized for each student.  Homework will be sent home in a clear folder that says "Homework Folder" with the students name on it.

    Homework will be given when a student didn't complete their in-class assignments, when they have spelling words, vocabulary words to study for the weekly test or a writing assignment to complete  Homework will vary each week except for the week of PSSA's and before a holiday. There will be no homework at that time.  Homework will be placed in the folder for your child and handed to them before they leave for the day. 

    Reading:  Each student will be given homework from the Reading Series and will have spelling words or vocabulary words, weekly to study for which they will be tested.  The folder will be packed for them with the materials they need to complete the homework.  PLEASE check nightly.  Each student has a 20 minute reading assignment every night!  They can choose their own book or if your child does not have any books at home, please let us know and I can lend one.  Also. please choose a book that they can read and is appropriate.  They should read for 20 minutes a night to an adult.  Each adult should initial the reading story provided on the front page or mark it in your child agenda.  Please mark the length of time that was read by the student.  The reading log is handed in and is considered homework to be completed. If a reading log is used in another teacher's reading class, please let me know as I will accept that as my homework as well.  They do not have to do double reading.  Homework will count toward the students final gade each quarter.  It is imperitive that you keep up with the reading logs.  This year they will be asked to keep a writing journal.  It is important to know how to write a complete sentence.  Your child's writing assignments may include, but limited to grammar, punctuation, context clues, contractions, comma's, ect. *** If ever you or your child does not know how to complete the assignment, please write me note.  Do not leave it blank or I will assume they just didn't do it because they didn't want to.


    On Monday, of alternating weeks each student will have a Spelling study sheet of the current weeks Spelling Words, or Vocabulary cards in their homework folder.  Spelling and /or vocabulary should be practiced nightly in order for your child to receive a passing score on Friday's test. ******DO NOT allow them to wait until the day before the test to practice the spelling or vocabulary words.  

    If you are looking for ideas to write and read about, check out  

    I look forward to working with you and together we can  look forward to much progress.

    Have a great day. 

    Mrs. Grace