Find a Book


    Using the Card Catalog:

    -Enter either the Title, Author, Subject, or Keyword...then click on the corresponding button.

    -Check to see if the book is available. If your book is not can ask Miss Fedor to put it on hold for you or you can log-in and put it on hold yourself.

    -If it is available, write down the Call Number and search in that section. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance- we are here to help!

    *If you cannot remember where a book goes, please leave it on the "Return Books here" cart. Thank you!

    Click here to check what book copies are available in
    Lackawanna County Public Libraries before you drive there


    Dewey Decimal System: Take the Dewey Quiz!
    The Dewey Decimal System assigns a "call number" to each book according to what it is about:

    000's-General Knowledge

    100's-Psychology & Philosophy
    200's-Religions & Mythology
    300's-Social Sciences & Folklore


    500's-Math & Science

    600's-Medicine & Technology

    700's-Arts & Recreation


    900's-Geography & History

    92's-Biographies (Jesse James)

    920's- Collective Biographies (Western Outlaws)


    Fiction books are shelved alphabetically by the authors' last name.
    For example, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will be located in the D's (author Roald Dahl). The call number listed on the spine will be...