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    eBooks for Grades 5-12

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    Tumble's Teen Book Cloud is an online collection of the following with unlimited access:
    eBooksFiction, Non-Fiction (Common Core Materials, History, Civics, Science), Graphic Novels, Classic Literature, Drama and Poetry, AP English, Audio books, Enhanced eBooks (which offer full audio narration and highlighted text)
    • Learning Support: In addition to their Enhanced eBooksLS has amazing resources since they partnered with Orca and Saddleback which offer High-Interest/ Low-Level content.  
    -Educational Videos from National Geographic (History, Science, Geography, Civics)


    Tumble Features: 

    -Adjustable interface (text font, text color, background color, text size, space between lines)
    -If a book is labeled "enhanced", it will have some additional features
    -Includes audio narration with highlighted text.
    -Practice Quizzes