Mrs. Weidow's Class


    As of APRIL 22, 2020 all work will be posted here on my webpage. By Monday at 8 am I will post the weeks assignments and each day I will post a daily living/life skills activity.  I will also continue to send remind messages daily that include the days activity.

    You can continue to contact me through email, the remind app and also the phone number I have provided for you. 

    Packet 5/26/20--5/29/20      (Kiara,David, Quanyia, Hunter, Jayden, Colin)
    Packet---5/26/20----5/29/20 (Seth, Josue, Katie, Aden, Alex)
    June 1-June 5
    We are going to do something a little different this week.  Our county will be going yellow on Friday so lets make sure we know how to stay safe.  You have all week to wach the 5 videos and answer the questions.  You can watch a video each day and write down your answers as you find them.

    Answer the following questions after you watch the videos.

    What is Corona Virus?

    Who is at most risk?

    Why is it important to get the facts and ask questions about the coronavirus?

    What do you know about the coronavirus?

    How can you protect yourself from the virus?

    What is social distancing?

    What are you doing to social distance?

    How can you boost your immune system?

     Thursday-6/4/20-Make Play-Doh
    -Have an adult help you the wate will be very hot

    While you are home each day I ask that you continue to practice your daily Hygiene Skills such as....

    Brush your teeth

    Brush your hair

    Wash your hands often


    Also practice your Daily Living Skills such as....

    Make your bed

    Run the vacuum


    Do the dishes

    Put the dishes away

    Do the laundry

    Fold the laundry

    Put the laundry away

    Clean up your room

    Make a snack (with permission)

    Help make the grocery list


    I have included links to fun educational websites that we use in class.


    Miss you all!

    Mrs. Weidow