Classroom Behavior Policies



     Classroom Behavior Policies


    It is expected that those in my classroom are aware of standard classroom behavior.  In my classroom, there is a "three-strike" policy.  In the event that any of the following rules are broken, first, a verbal warning will be issued; then, a detention will be issued; and finally, an office referral will be made and/or parents will be notified.

    Entering the classroom - It is expected that students will enter the classroom in a calm and orderly fashion, and that there will be no physical contact or inappropriate language upon entering.

    Seating - Students should sit in assigned seats (and remain seated during the entire class period). 

    Talking in class - Before speaking, students should raise their hands; while in the process of doing groupwork, conversation should be limited to subject-specific matter.  When classwork ends and direct instruction resumes, students should again begin to raise their hands to obtain permission to speak.

    Physical contact - There should be NO physical contact between students in the classroom.  

    Eating/Drinking in class - Unless given by me or bought from me in a school fundraising sale, there is to be no food allowed in the classroom. Only CLEAR containers of water are allowed in the classroom.  

    Computer Usage - Unless specifically approved by me, no computer should be open in my classroom.  When approved, computers should only be used for educational purposes only.


    In addition to the standard classroom behavior, RHS has several policies which will be strictly enforced in my classroom:

    Cell phones – PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOUR PHONE IS SILENCED AND AWAY AT ALL TIMES. If a phone makes a sound or if it falls out of a pocket or purse and becomes visible to me, I will confiscate it and hand it in to the office. If I become aware that a cell phone is in use, I will confiscate it and hand it in to the office. Please refer to the student handbook for administrative policies regarding the return of confiscated phones.

    Late-to-class – My policy for tracking tardiness changes on a year-to-year basis. Generally, If tardiness becomes an issue, I will make a class announcement and I will begin to keep a Late-to-Class Sign-In Sheet at the front of the classroom.  Once my door is closed at the beginning of the class period, any student entering the room must write both the date and their name on the sheet.  At day's end, I will record all "Tardies". 
    After two “tardies”, I will either call home or make note on the student's online progress report.
    After three, I will give a detention
    After four, another detention will be given. 
    After five, the student will receive a Wednesday detention.  
    After six, the student will receive another Wednesday detention, in addition to ISS
    Beyond seven, each offense will result in an out-of-school suspension.