Grading Policy

  • EXAMS - If more than two tests and more than five quizzes are given in a quarter, each student's lowest quiz grade will be dropped at the end of that quarter.  Students are encouraged to keep a neat, complete, and well-organized BINDER, as they may use both their notes and worksheets for quizzes (but not for Tests or Midterm and Final Exams).  THESE RULES DO NOT APPLY TO HONORS OR PRE-CALCULUS/TRIGONOMETRY CLASSES. 

    HOMEWORK is collected randomly.  Any assignment, given either IN CLASS OR as homework, is eligible for collection when it is assigned.  I will collect 5 homework assignments per quarter, and each will be worth 10 points. 

    • If I collect a homework assignment AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS, it will be graded based on completion, and not accuracy, but ALL WORK MUST BE SHOWN. If no work is shown for a problem, no credit will be received.
    • If I collect a homework assignment AFTER IT IS REVIEWED, it will be graded based on accuracy, so CHECK YOUR HOMEWORK and MAKE CORRECTIONS as we go over it. If you made an error or could not complete a problem, it is your responsibility to ask that it be put on the board.


    EXTRA CREDIT - Individual extra credit will be given for the first quarter, at my discretion, at the request of a student and/or parent.  Individual extra credit can only be earned if a student has followed all classroom rules, and has completed all collected homework.  Class-wide extra credit in subsequent quarters will be given in class, and if a student is absent the day that it is assigned, they are not eligible for that extra credit

    Category point values are as follows:
    Quiz - 25 points
    Test - 50 points
    Midterm Exam - 50 points
    Final Exam - 100 points
    Homework - 10 points