Gym Make - Ups

  • Physical Education

    All students will be receiving a numeric grade this year for Physical Education. Each quarter your son will start with 100 points. IF they are unprepared, inactive in class, or misbehave they will be given a “U” (unsatisfactory) for that day.

     An unsatisfactory will be (-15) points. A student may earn 10 points back from a “U” by participating in Wednesday morning gym make up classes.  Example: Student A starts with 100, receives a “U”, they lose 15 points and now have an 85. If they do not make that class up before the end of the marking period they will receive a first quarter grade of 85. IF they do complete the make up class they will earn 10 points back and will receive a 95.

    PE make up classes are held every Wednesday morning in the back gym from 7:10 a.m. until 7:40 a.m. Transportation is NOT provided.


    Any questions please call Mr. Gravine at 562-2121 Option 9 Ext 1624


    Thank You

    Mr. Gravine