Extreme Football


    Extreme Football 



    1.       Objective:  The students will engage in an Extreme Football activity.  Game rules and regulations are provided prior to the activity.

    2.     Lesson:  Extreme Football (10th-12th grade)

    3.     Standard: 10.4.12 A,B10.5.12 ,B,C,F

                                                                B                R completion 1

                                        R completion 3                                                                R

            B                    B             R completion 2          B




    R  B                 R              B        B         R           R                                                              Score

           Playing Area                               B

         B               B               R            B        R          R                                                                                                                  

                                   R                B

                         B              R                     B


    Red Line






    There are 2 teams (red team and blue team wear jerseys) .


      On the playing field there are red lines, white lines, and blue areas which represent zones in which students are bound within. The red lines to the wall are the receiver zones, the red lines to the white lines are the defenders zones, in between the white lines is the playing field, and the blue areas are out of bounds.  There is 1 receiver and 3 defenders for each team.  The rest of the students are in between the white lines (the playing field).  The object of the game is to gain possession of the football and get the ball to your receiver by completing 3 consecutive passes without dropping the ball. Defenders are to try and prevent the offense from scoring by intercepting the ball or knocking the ball loose from an offensive player.  If any student at any time violates their zone, possession goes to the other team.


    Note:  *If the ball is dropped on the playing field anybody can pick it up.