Ultimate Football

  • Topic: Ultimate football


    PA Standards: 

    -10.3.12. D      -10.5.12. B

    -10.4.12. A      -10.5.12. C

    -10.4.12. B      -10.5.12. E

    -10.4.12. D      -10.5.12. F

    -10.5.12. A 


    Lesson Objectives: The students will demonstrate:

    -How to throw

    -How to catch

    -How to move to the open space

    -How to guard a defender





                The students will get in their assigned seating areas, and go through the routine of stretching.  Hanging straight down, then down to the right, left, and middle.  The students will then put their right foot over their left and hang down, and then they will switch.  The students will then proceed to sit on the floor.  The students will keep their legs straight, and touch their toes straight out in front.  Now they will spread their legs and go down to the right, then the left, and then the middle. The butterfly stretch will follow, and then they will end with spinal twisters. After all stretching the students will then do 10 crunches, and 10 push-ups.  Then they will begin a 4 minute jog.  


    Guided Practice:

    Students will be grouped in teams.  In their teams the students will have the opportunity to play offense, and defense.  The offense must have 1 quarterback, 2 offense players, and 3 defense players.  The 2 offensive players are to be in the end zone.  The three defensive players are in the opposing team’s end zone.  The end zones are behind the blue boxes under the basketball hoops.  The game will be played where the offense must complete a pass.  Once the pass is completed the receiver can’t run, and turns into the quarterback.  They must complete a pass to another student, and once they do that person is the new quarterback.  The offense must have 3 completions before they can throw it into the end zone of a score.  If there is an interception, or an incomplete pass the defense takes over on offense.

                After a touchdown the defense will take over on their own foul line.  The sidelines will be the blue box, or if the class is large it will be the red volleyball lines that run parallel to the blue sideline boxes. 



                Answer any student questions about football.