Mile Run

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    Mile Run

    Objective:  The students will be able to complete a mile run in 10 minutes or less.

    Content:  After several weeks of training and practicing for the mile run the students will stretch in the gym before going to the outdoor track.

    Students  should be reminded that they should be able to jog at their own pace. 

    At this time they should be able to jog 4 laps without walking.  If they need to walk they should walk at a fast pace but only for a limited time.  Slower runners should move to one of the outside lanes to allow other runners to pass. 

    As students complete each lap they will be given a lap time.  After their 4th and final lap the student will be given their final time and will be asked to remember that time. 

    Finally, after the final lap student will be asked to move to the furthest lane to complete a 1 lap cool down.


    Standards:  10.4.9 A,C,D

                      10.5.9 A,C