• Topic: Speedball


    PA Standards: 

    -10.4.12. A      -10.5.12. C

    -10.4.12. B      -10.5.12. E

    -10.4.12. D      -10.5.12. F

    -10.5.12. A 


    Lesson Objectives: The students will demonstrate:

    -How to throw

    -How to catch

    -How to move to the open space

    -How to guard a defender

    -How to kick



                The students will get in their assigned seating areas, and go through the routine of stretching.  Hanging straight down, then down to the right, left, and middle.  The students will then put their right foot over their left and hang down, and then they will switch.  The students will then proceed to sit on the floor.  The students will keep their legs straight, and touch their toes straight out in front.  Now they will spread their legs and go down to the right, then the left, and then the middle. The butterfly stretch will follow, and then they will end with spinal twisters. After all stretching the students will then do 15 crunches, and 15 push-ups.  Then they will begin a 4 minute jog.  


    Guided Practice:

    Students will be grouped in teams.  In their teams the students will have the opportunity to play offense, and defense.  The team with the ball will be offense, and the team without the ball will be defense.  The objective is for the offense to score, and there are three ways to score. The offense must attempt a score from outside the white line that is located in front of the blue box, and may not attempt a score inside the white line.  The goals will be separated by two cones, and they run all the way up the red mat. If the ball hits above the red mat it is no good. The offense can either drop kick the ball for 5 points where the ball must go in between the chains on the basketball hoop, kick the ball for 3 points, or throw the ball in for 1 point.  The only time an offensive player can kick the ball is when they are attempting a shot on goal. When a team is on offense they can pass the ball around, and once a person catches the ball they can’t move.  They can only pivot, like in basketball.  The other offensive players will run around, and try to get open in the open areas on the court.  The player with the ball will either pass it to their teammates, or attempt a shot on goal.

    The defense will be playing defense against the offense.  They are allowed to play defense however they want.  However, they are not allowed to knock the ball out of the hands of an opposing offensive player. The defense can stand in front of a person with the ball, but must keep their hands up.  If a defender intercepts a ball, then they become offense and must try to score. 

    If the ball ends up on the ground it is anyone’s ball.  If an offensive player runs with the ball it will be a travel, and the opposing team will get the ball. The goalie is allowed to stop the ball, and if they catch it they can run with it, and then throw it, but it must be behind the blue box.  If they desire to kick the ball out they may do that as well. 

    The game is called speedball because the action is non-stop, and once a team scores the goalie can throw the ball in immediately. 



                Answer any student questions about speedball, and tell them to have a good day!