Mat Ball

  • Topic: Mat Ball


    PA Standards: 

    -10.4.12. A      -10.5.12. C

    -10.4.12. B      -10.5.12. E

    -10.4.12. D      -10.5.12. F

    -10.5.12. A 


    Lesson Objectives: The students will demonstrate:

    -How to throw

    -How to catch

    -How to kick





                The students will get in their assigned seating areas, and go through the routine of stretching.  Hanging straight down, then down to the right, left, and middle.  The students will then put their right foot over their left and hang down, and then they will switch.  The students will then proceed to sit on the floor.  The students will keep their legs straight, and touch their toes straight out in front.  Now they will spread their legs and go down to the right, then the left, and then the middle. The butterfly stretch will follow, and then they will end with spinal twisters. After all stretching the students will then do 10 crunches, 10 push-ups, and 10 supermen.  Then they will begin a 4 minute jog.  


    Guided Practice:

    Students will be grouped in teams.  The students will have an opportunity to play both defense and offense. The game is a variation of kickball. There will be two students kicking at the same time, and two pitchers pitching at the same time. The two kickers must consist of a male and a female, and the two pitchers must consist of a male and a female. The female pitcher will pitch to the female kicker, and the male pitcher will pitch to the male kicker. The two pitchers must pitch the ball simultaneously, and the two kickers must kick the ball simultaneously. Once the kickers make contact with the balls they have the option to run to either first base, or second base; depending on which way the balls were kicked. Both balls are in the play, and if the male who kicked the ball from the male pitcher gets hit with the other ball, he is out, and vice-versa.

    Once on base you are allowed to have as many people on the same base as you can. The runners must go around the bases once, and can continue to run until both pitchers have the ball back in the center circle. If one ball is there than the runners can still run, but that pitcher with the one ball can not leave the circle to get a base runner out. They must throw it at them, or throw it to a teammate. If there are runners on the bases, and a kicker kicks the ball in the air those runners must wait for the ball to hit the ground, or wait to tag up before they run to the next base. Anytime a student scores they are to put their run up on the scoreboard.

    The game is played with 10 outs per at bat. The defense is not allowed to cross the three point arc until the ball is kicked, and if the kicker kicks the ceiling it is an automatic out. The kickers can get out by a force out at first, a fly out, a tag out, or they can be hit with the ball. However, if they are hit in the head they are safe. If the kicker kicks the ball foul, they are out. The foul line is the white line under the basketball hoop that runs the width of the basketball court. If the ball first hits the bleachers, and then goes foul, it is treated as a fair ball. If a pitcher pitches a bad ball the kicker receives a walk. After 10 outs the defense will go to kick, and the kicking team will play defense. The kicking team will not go back to the base they were on in the previous inning, and each inning is started with a clean slate of bases. Finally, if there are no more males or females left to kick because they are all on base, than the kicking team will be permitted to use two males, or two females, depending on who is left.



                Answer any student questions about Matball.